Smart Hybrid Active Light Hikvision 2MP 8 Camera with Acusense DVR Package

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Smart Hybrid Active Light Hikvision 2MP 8 Camera with Human & Vehicle Notification Acusense 8 channel 1TB HDD DVR Package Complete Installation 2 Years Warranty..

Protect what matters most with this Hikvision Smart Hybrid security Camera system from Hikvision. Each camera features Active Deterrence LED motion lights designed to stop events before they happen. They also feature 1080P resolution recording, Color Night Vision, 85° wide angle lenses, and IP67-rated exteriors to ensure top quality security video around-the-clock. The DVR features its own secure local storage, which means there are no monthly fees, and is easily connected to the Hik-Connect app for convenient on-the-go remote connection.

What’s Smart Hybrid Light technology?

Supplemental lighting enables security cameras to “see” clearly in dim environments. Conventional cameras with IR light provide black & white images which usually results in loss of details. While white light cameras offer colorful images, when the light is always on, it might be disturbing in some specific scenarios.

To solve these pain points, Hikvision has created a new approach to supplemental lighting technology – the Smart Hybrid Light. Security cameras with Smart Hybrid Light provide three supplemental lighting modes: IR mode, white light mode, and smart mode. Users can take the advantage to select the ideal lighting mode for their application and the specific environment.

How does Smart Hybrid Light work?

Security cameras featuring our Smart Hybrid Light allow users to flexibly switch among three supplemental lighting modes, suiting virtually any need or application.

1. IR Mode

The IR light is always on, and video imaging remains black and white (at night).

2. White Light Mode

White light is always on, and the camera captures color imaging 24/7.

3. Smart Mode

In this mode, when there is no target in the area, the camera uses only the IR light, which is invisible to the human eye and eco-friendly. When a target appears, the camera automatically triggers the white light, resulting in vivid color imaging with clear detail. In Smart Mode, you can benefit from overall security and adequate agility.

Where can I use Smart Hybrid Light cameras?


Security cameras with our Smart Hybrid Light can be used as a motion sensor, lighting the way for your family members at night or deter trespassers to keep your residence safe and secure. Combined with Motion Detection 2.0’s human and vehicle detection, the Smart Hybrid Light offers reliable protection for residences of all kinds.

Retail stores

With Smart Hybrid Light cameras, users no longer need to worry about their store’s security monitoring when they are away. When the store is closed and a would-be trespasser approaches, the automated lighting can actually surprise and deter them, adding an extra layer of safety.


With Smart Hybrid Light technology, the white light only turns on when an event occurs, providing flexible and reliable protection for the goods and assets located inside the warehouse.

Smart Featuring

Hikvision AcuSense 1080p 1U H.265 DVR

AcuSense technology helps you take security to the next level with accurate, real-time threat detection that distinguishes people and vehicles from other targets.

  • False alarm reduction through human and vehicle targetclassification based on deep learning
  • Deep learning-based motion detection 2.0 for all analog channels
  • Deep learning-based perimeter protection
  • Efficient H.265 pro+ compression technology
  • 5 signals input adaptively (HDTVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS/IP)
  • Network cameras can be connected

Smart Function
• Deep learning-based motion detection, and perimeter protection (line crossing and intrusion detection)
• Support multiple VCA (Video Content Analytics) events for both analog and smart IP cameras

Compression and Recording
• H.265 Pro+ can be enabled to improve encoding efficiency and reduce data storage costs
• Recording at up to 8MP resolution

Storage and Playback
• 4ch / 8ch Synchronous Playback
• Support the third party cloud storage

• AcuSense technology detects intrusion threats in real time and triggers alerts to users’ mobile phones for faster response.

More accurate
• AcuSense technology differentiates people and vehicles from other moving objects, allowing security teams to focus on real threats. High-end camera models with AcuSense also use Hikvision’s

More efficient
• AcuSense technology applies labels to recorded video footage with people and vehicles, speeding up video searches, minimizing manual effort, and reducing overall security costs.

Easy to use
• AcuSense-enabled smart cameras are installed quickly and are as easy to configure as conventional security cameras. The technology puts AI security at everyone’s disposal.

Person and vehicle smart motion detection

This DVR comes with smart person and vehicle detection on all channels. This helps identify more important objects that enter the camera’s field of view. Thanks to this innovative feature, you will only get a push notification to your Hik-Connect app whenever a person or vehicle is detected on your property. This effectively reduces the number of unwanted false alerts caused by moving branches or animals. All recorded motion alerts can easily be reviewed by using the Smart Search function in the Hik-Connect mobile app.

Remote viewing from your mobile with Hik-Connect App

This system is designed for use with our innovative, hassle-free Hik-connect for End User app. With Hik-connect, you can quickly and easily view your security system remotely through your smartphone or tablet. You can also program the app to send you motion-activated notifications to your phone to keep you connected to your property at all times. Simply download the free app, scan the QR code on the DVR and your cameras will appear for you to monitor.

What’s Included the Package?

  • 01 Nos. Hikvision 8 Channel 1080P Turbo HD Acusense DVR Model – DS-7208HQHI-M1/S 
  • 08 Nos. Hikvision 2MP Turbo HD Indoor / Outdoor Smart Hybrid Light Cameras Model – DS-2CE16D0T-EXLPF 
  • 01 Nos. 1TB WD Purple / Seagate Surveillance Grade Hard Disk Drive
  • 01 Nos. 12V – 10 Amp Power Supply
  • 80 meters 3C2V Coaxial Jelly Field 75 Oms 100% Full Copper Video Cable with Power Cables and hardware Items (Trunking/Conduit/Flex/Screws,etc) with Installation

Installation and Commissioning :

Our technicians make sure to methodically place cameras for maximum coverage as well as program them for optimal usage. After installation is complete, we assess the performance of the surveillance system to ensure it meets your expectations and runs at peak efficiency.

This package includ Video cable, Power Cable, hardware accessories with installation. if exceed cable length specifed on the package, additional pay for Rs. 580.00 (per meter) Cabling will be calculated per meter basis – Include with 3C2V 100% copper 75 Ω coaxial Jelly filled video cable, Kelani/ACL/Sierra twisted twin 0.5mm power cable, pvc casing, upvc conduits, screw and nails, wall plug, blank plate, wire tie, wiring tape, flexible conduit, labour charge.

  • Internet connection to be provided by customer at installation site
  • Existing TV or Monitor can be used as display unit
  • Available Hard Disk Brands – Seagate / WD / Blue Feather Surveillance
  • For further information and clarifications on CCTV Package Components please call us on 0778 377990

Warranty & After sale service :

  • Two (02) years warranty for DVR and Camera’s against manufacturing defects.
  • Two (02) Years One to one replacement warranty for Hard Disk Drive against manufacturing defects.
  • Lifetime’s help desk support – Our operatives will be on hand to provide telephone support to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Monday – Friday: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM | Saturday: 9.00 AM – 2.00 PM | Sunday/ Poya Day: Closed


Smart Hybrid Active Light Hikvision 2MP 8 Camera with Human & Vehicle Notification Acusense 8 channel 1TB HDD DVR Package Complete Installation 2 Years Warranty..


Smart Hybrid Active Light Hikvision 2MP 8 Camera with Human & Vehicle Notification Acusense 8 channel 1TB HDD DVR Package Complete Installation 2 Years Warranty..


Smart Hybrid Active Light Hikvision 2MP 8 Camera with Human & Vehicle Notification Acusense 8 channel 1TB HDD DVR Package Complete Installation 2 Years Warranty..

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