Hikvision DS-PD2-D10P-W Wireless PIR + Micro Dual Tech Detector Sri Lanka



Hikvision DS-PD2-D10P-W Wireless PIR + Micro Dual Tech Detector (Passive InfraRed sensor) Sri Lanka –  Best Hikvision online store in Sri Lanka

Hikvision DS-PD2-D Series Wireless Indoor Dual-Tech (Passive InfraRed sensor) Detector

The DS-PD2-D10P-W is a flexible two-way wireless detector that utilizes microwave and PIR technology to ensure intruder catch performance is maintained even when the environment is hostile and there are fluctuations in temperature.

    • Two way wireless
    • Tamper protection: front, rear and bracket
    • Bluewave Technology
    • Digital Temperature Compensation
    • Automatic Sensitivity
    • Singnal Strength Indicators(SSI)
    • 3 Microwave Frequencies
    • Ceiling/Wall bracket include

Wireless Indoor Detector
Detection Range:10m
Detection Angle:85°
Detection Zones:56 zones, 6 planes
Mounting Height (m):1.8-2.4
Anti blocking:N/A
Animal immunity (kg):Up to 24
Blue Wave tech–logy:Support
Automatic sensitivity:Support
Digital temperature compensation:Support
Separate indication: microwave, PIR and alarm:Support
3 microwave frequencies to avoid interference:Support
Tamper protection:Front and rear/Bracket
Signal Strength Indicators (SSI):Support
Microwave frequency:10.515, 10.525, 10.535GHz
Transmission frequency:433MHz, FM transceiver
Range in open space (m):800
3V lithium battery included:2x CR123A
Ceiling mounted bracket included:YES
Wall mounted bracket included:YES



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