1080P Full HD 2MP IP 7 Camera with Hikvision 4K 8CH NVR System DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit Best Price from

Hikvision has you covered – day and night – with this powerful 1080P IP security camera system. It includes bullet/dome security cameras from our product line and a independent RJ45 Camera port with Network Video Recorder, 4K capable Network Video Recorder (NVR). Designed in heavy-duty metal housings, the cameras in this system offer 1080P 2MP resolution recording, 30 Meters long-range night vision, extreme weather durability, Up to 2MP recording, Each of these cameras only require a single Ethernet cable to connect them to the NVR, making for an easy and clutter-free installation. Ultimately, a security camera system such as this is perfect for a residential home.

Package Includes,

  • Hikvision 8 POE PORT 4K Digital NVR Model-DS-7608NI-Q1/8P– 1 Nos
  • Hikvision 2MP Digital IP Network Dome Cameras Model – DS-2CD1321-I – 3 Nos
  • Hikvision 2MP Digital IP Network Outdoor Cameras Model – DS-2CD1221-I3 – 4 Nos
  • 1TB Hard Disk Drive – 1 Nos
  • 19V NVR Power Supply- 1 Nos
  • Hikvision CAT 6 Network Cable 10 meters with Connectors – 7 Nos

Easy PoE installation – Do it Yourself

A single Cat 6 Ethernet cable run is all you need to get each of your cameras up and running. This cable not only powers the camera directly from the NVR, but also simultaneously transmits video data between the camera and NVR. It also provides a stable network connection and flexible installation options up to 300ft.

Warranty & After sale service :

  • Two (02) years warranty for NVR and Camera’s against manufacturing defects.

Monday – Friday: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM | Saturday: 9.00 AM – 2.00 PM | Sunday/ Poya Day: close


2MP 1080P Full HD security camera Specification
DS-2CD1221-I3 hikvision cctv ip camera sri lanka

Over 2 million pixels

These 2MP resolution cameras records at a pixel ratio of 1920 × 1080 for a total of 2,073,600 pixels – about four times the amount of a standard 1080p security camera. With your 1080p cameras, the higher number of pixels means better digital enhancing and ultra HD quality footage. Smaller details and distinct features such as facial features are more easily distinguishable, and the picture quality will stay sharper for longer as you digitally zoom in further and further into the image.


  • Key Features
    • 1/2.8” Progressive Scan CMOS
    • Up to 2.0 megapixel high resolution
    • IR range: 30 m(-I3)
    • Dual stream
    • Digital Wide Dynamic Range
    • 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
    • PoE (Power over Ethernet), optional
    • IP67 weather-proof protection
    • Mobile Monitoring via Hik-Connect or iVMS-4500

Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD1321-I (D) (2MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 30m)

Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2322WD-I (2MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 30m)
View of the camera
Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2322WD-I (2MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 30m)
View of the connectors
Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2322WD-I (2MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 30m)
The included accessories, among others, the cable fitting for protecting against water penetration
Key features:
  • Resolution: 2 MP (1920 x 1080)
  • 2.8 mm / 95° lens
  • H.264+/H.264/MJPEG video compression
  • 3D-DNR, DWDR, BLC video processing functions
  • Access via Ezviz, Hik-Connect apps
  • Region of interest (ROI)
  • Mechanically switching IR filter
  • IP67 rating
  • Power: 12 VDC or PoE (802.3af)
The DS-2CD1321-I (D) camera is dedicated for IP CCTV systems. The ceiling camera has been equipped with 2 MP 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor providing good video coverage even in low-light conditions. Along with IR illuminator with range up to 30 m, the camera can also operate in complete darkness. The built-in 2.8 mm lens has 95° viewing angle. The IP67-rated housing of the camera protects the electronics against adverse weather conditions. The camera can be powered conventionally from a 12 VDC source or with the use of PoE option (802.3af).
The user can select H264+, H.264, or MJPEG video compression. In the case of the H.264+ compression, the data stream is additionally minimized for static scenes, without noticeable loss of image quality. The compression algorithm, based on H.264, has been optimized by Hikvision for applications in CCTV systems. Compared with H.264, it can reduce by half the data stream, which translates into proportional savings of the disk space or extended data retention time. The camera can operate with NVRs supporting H.264/H.264+ video compression (series E, K, I).
The camera belongs to a new EasyIP Lite series characterized by high performance and affordable price. The series supports motion detection and video tampering detection. The cameras from the series also provide corridor mode and possibility of defining one Region of Interest (ROI).
The users of Hikvision IP cameras and NVRs can use free Hik-Connect service, which provides remote access to the devices in the case of dynamic IP addresses, or allows for the use of domain names in web browsers. It is necessary to create Hik-Connect account and add the devices. The service can be operated via a web browser or applications (for a PC and smartphone).

4K Digital Network Video Recorder Specification


  • H.265+/H.265/H.264/H.264+ video formats
  • Connectable to the third-party network cameras
  • Up to 16 IP cameras can be connected HDMI/VGA simultaneous output (DS-7608NI-Q1/8P)
  • HDMI and VGA independent outputs (DS-7608NI-Q1/8P and DS-7616NI-Q1)
  • HDMI Video output at up to 4K (3840 × 2160) resolution
  • 1 SATA interface connectable for recording and backup
  • H.265+ compression effectively reduces the storage space and costs by up to 75%

Video/Audio input


Video/Audio output


Network management

Hard disk

External interface


Hikvision DS-7608NI-Q1/8P is a 8-channel (8 Port)  4K NVR capable of recording surveillance video provided in Digital HD IP standards. The maximum recording resolution is 8MP@15fps, however channels 1 – 8 can support up to 8MP@12fps. In the case of all resolutions, the maximum frame rate is 25 fps.
H.265 video compression
The NVR can record one or two video streams (primary and/or secondary) from each channel. The video can be compressed with the use H.265 method. Compared with the predecessor (H.264), H.265 can reduce by half the data stream, which translates into proportional savings of the disk space or extended data retention time. H.265+ can further minimize the streams in typical video surveillance scenarios.
Special recording modes
The recording can be performed in different modes: continuous, motion detection (with pre- and post-event recording), alarm (with pre- and post-event recording), or continuous recording with special parameters in the case of specific events. Each channel can be configured individually in this aspect. It is possible to increase the frame and bit rates, independently of the continuous recording settings. After the occurrence of an event (motion detection, camera tampering etc), the NVR automatically switches to the event-recording mode (usually with higher parameters). During the rest of the time the recording is carried out in the continuous mode. The increased parameters just before and after the event allow to play back every second of the period with high detail and smoothness, while the recordings between events may have a much lower performance, taking significantly less space on the storage media.
Refined client software
The iVMS 4200 client software enables users of HIKVISION devices to manage them in IP networks. The software allows for configuration and management of NVRs/DVRs, IP and analog cameras (in hybrid systems). The iVMS 4200 utility can remotely manage up to 256 devices, with the use of up to 4 monitors. Oner monitor can display up images from up to 64 cameras. Aside from system configuration and live monitoring, the utility can be used for remote playback, notifying, two-way audio transmission, creating multi-level e-maps.
View of the control panel of the iVMS-4200 application
Hik-Connect is a mobile application, intended for smartphones running Android or iOS operating systems. It can be used for remote live viewing of images from DVRs, NVRs, network cameras via Wi-Fi, 2G or 3G networks, and for playing back recorded video files. The application connects with the devices by IP addresses and/or through the P2P cloud.
The start menu of the Hik-Connect app
with live view thumbnail
The live view screen
Working in the cloud
Hik-Connect is also the name of network service intended for Hikvison devices. The service is based on data processing in the cloud and integrates the following functions:
    • Remote access through the cloud
It allows access to the device without having an external IP address and when simplicity is the most important thing. Only the basic configuration of the network is required. The application on a PC or smartphone connects with the device via P2P cloud service.
    • DDNS server
DDNS assigns a fixed domain name to dynamically changing IP addresses (Dynamic DNS). This feature is useful when the ISP does not provide users with a fixed IP address. The condition for using DDNS is having a public IP address and providing access from the external network to the appropriate ports of the NVR (server and http, by default 8000 and 80). The connection is possible via a web browser, client application on a PC and on smartphones.
Advanced applications for organizing and operating video surveillance systems
This article provides an overview of applications dedicated for installers and users of Hikvision-based video surveillance systems.
Main window of SADP application
SADP (Search Active Device Protocol) is a free and simple to use utility for searching Hikvision IP cameras and Hikvision DVRs/NVRs in the local network. The network device search tool can also be used for modification of network parameters of the Hikvision devices, including the change of passwords or recovery of default passwords. Detailed information on the software and its use is contained in the SADP application – LAN tool for organizing CCTV systems based on Hikvision devices article.
Hikvision NVR Works With

Reliable security grade hard drive

DVRs such as this are capable of working 24/7 without a break. Thankfully, so is the 1TB hard drive within it. we uses security certified hard drives that are manufactured specifically to meet the high workload demands of continuous security monitoring. This means that you can rely on this professional grade hard drive to safely store weeks (or even months) of security footage. It is also possible to manually upgrade the hard drive within the DVR to a hard drive up to 6TB in size.

Warranty & After sale service :

  • Two (02) years warranty for NVR and Camera’s against manufacturing defects only.
  • Warranty does not include visiting & Service charges, service charges will be pay for per visit basis.

Monday – Friday: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM | Saturday: 9.00 AM – 2.00 PM | Sunday/ Poya Day: close


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